Active Women Association empowers vulnerable groups, such a women, seniors, youth, migrants, disabled to strengthen their voice in civic, public and professional life.

We act against inequality and discrimination on the labour market and in politics.

We take action to prevent domestic and gender violence through advocacy, counseling, training and media/social campaigns.

We believe that empowered citizens are able to play a key role in social worldwide change. 

What do we do?

We learn peer to peer within the framework of Strategic Partnerships for adult and youth education staff in the field of social inclusion, empowerment, non-formal, education, equal rights. We cooperate with activists and organizations from Europe, Caucasus, Asia, Africa, US. We share our learnings with great audience in Poland and Europe.

We run European Club of Non-formal Education for youth and youth workers, where we enable people to participate in non-formal trainings, meetings, networking and exchanges.

We produce educational materials, publications, manuals and E-tools useful in non-formal work.

We train people in Europe and developing countries by means of non-formal education, outdoor education, mentoring, and coaching. We mainstream innovative methods, e.g Dragon Dreaming project planning.

We are a member of many networks and coalitions so as to share knowledge and raise awareness of different social issues. Through conferences and seminars we manage to outreach public and media.

We lobby for better political/social solutions in favour of women’s interests and rights / e.g. reproductive rights, quota bill, parity bill/.

European Solidarity Corps programme (ESC) (EVS) offers a unique opportunity to develop new professional skills and civic competences through voluntary work in foreign country for the organisations. In this way we promote youth active citizenship, intercultural awareness, tolerance and the idea of transnational mobility.

Since 2011, as a hosting organization we have worked with 38 European volunteers on spot. As a sending organization we enabled about 76 young people /18-30/ to do voluntary service in European and Partner countries /Georgia, Serbia, Albania, Bosna and Hercegovina, Azerbaijan/. ESC is a great adventure and it opens up the door to the world of opportunities!

If you want to be our ESC partner organization, contact us here:

We run a European Non-Formal Education Club for the youth and youth workers interested in European opportunities, education and cooperation. We encourage them to benefit from the support of the EU by informing about available free trainings, mobilities and youth exchanges, solidarity and civic participation.

The youth project Kinoko – Socially Engaged Film Club was aimed at encouraging youth to learn and discuss social issues such as gender equality, sexual minorities, cultural and religious differences, refugees and immigrants, trafficking.

We have organized Non-Violence Communication training for the youth community. In 2020 we plan to continue this project.

We educate youth and encourage them to work in associations and foundations, delivering knowledge and raising civic competences by means of non-formal education.

Since the outbreak of the war in Syria in 2011, we have experienced the largest refugee crisis in Europe in recent times.  Hundreds of thousands of refugees have also tried to reach the borders of the European Union from Congo, Iraq or Yemen, and our governments have been unable to cope with these circumstances, demonstrating their inability and unwillingness to meet their humanitarian obligations.


In this difficult political and social context, the work of reception of refugees by organizations is even more important, both for the assistance provided directly to immigrants and for raising public awareness of the importance of our governments in fulfilling their mission to protect and integrate the arrivals.




We are strongly interested in the promotion of wellbeing and a holistic life-approach; self-development; personal grow, especially when performed in natural setting.

We motivate people to discover life’s mission and reclaim inner Power; to find their true Self, to reconnect with the communities. Then people could dare to walk their chosen paths and realize the inner potential.

Our goal is to raise self-awareness and show people how empowering a strong relationship with nature is. We are also interested in raising people’s awareness of being interconnected with all beings within the global world.

We support to grow wings by…

Vedic Art – intuitional painting
Body work, choreatherapy
Art eherapy
Intuitional singing
Spontaneous dance, world dances

Life coaching, crisis coaching
Mountain therapy
Non-Violence Communication

Family constellations
Empowerment trekking
Bicycle trekking



“Travel brings power and love back into your life” /Rumi/.

We invite you to participate in our expeditions thanks to which you will fall in love with life and the best version of yourself. We combine active holidays and conscious tourism, personal development, interculturality, lazy chillout and discovery of the magic of the world with people who want more from their lives. During these exotic expeditions, we focus on experiencing the world with all our senses, wonderful relationships with local people, learning about their lives from the inside, unforgettable adventures, contemplation of the wildlife / our own and other people’s lives / and… joyful creativity.

Here we get carried away with delight and the spirit of places; we also open to new cultures. We go deep, we don’t tick attractions to simply bring back hundreds of photos with us. As a result of conscious travels with soul, we bring back the best versions of ourselves and broad minds. We rest in paradise scenery, regenerating our bodies and souls to accumulate Power and energy for the whole year.

We organize trips for companies and private clients.
Contact us:

World expeditions

Return to Paradise
– spiritual trip to BALI&GILI Islands

Madeira’s Nature Elements
hiking expedition to the island of eternal spring

– women empowerment expedition to the highest peak of North Africa

– cycling expedition to Danish islands Bornholm and Christanso

One of the most important tasks fulfilled by the Association is prevention of marginalisation and exclusion of people over 60+ years old from the public life. Activities for the elderly are dedicated to senior residents in Poland and Europe. We show them that they are important and they have the right to participate in the decision-making process.

We organise leadership skills trainings, public speech, animation of local communities, PR and promotion trainings; lectures on civic issues and civic consultation meetings; coaching; cycling marathons, backpacking in mountains, graffiti actions, dance parties.

We organize Senior Volunteer Exchanges to enable women 50+ to perform voluntary work for local communities in Europe and raise their civic skills. We provide them foreign volunteering opportunities during which they gain new skills, establish new contacts and open to change.

We contributed to the formation of the representative body for seniors in Sosnowiec – Senior Council and we supported setting of the 8 Seniors Clubs in the city of Sosnowiec.

We are constantly expanding the responsibilities of the Council.

By taking such initiatives, we integrate and strengthen seniors, we help them become open to intergenerational contacts and we encourage them to participate actively in the public life so that they could use their full potential and continue to play important roles.