Active Women Association

Active Women Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization which promotes social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups such as youth, seniors, women and minorities. We actively promote tolerance, gender equality and civic society values.

The main channels we work through are: non-formal education, social & media campaigns, networking & coalitions, strategic learning partnerships, lobbying, advocacy, and counselling.

Since 2002 we are involved in local, national and transnational collaboration running:

  • non-formal education for 17000 learners
  • counselling, coaching, mentoring
  • intercultural empowerment trips in Africa, Asia, Scandinavia and Europe
  • learning partnerships with youth workers and adult education staff
  • exchange of experience between organizations
  • European mobilities; job-shadowing, exchanges
  • European Voluntary Service for youth
  • Senior Volunteers exchanges between the countries

We have been actively engaged in intercultural activities and travels, running empowerment projects and intercultural expeditions in North Africa /Morocco/, Asia /Indonesia/ and Europe.

We established many links for transnational cooperation and nowadays we cultivate fruitful partnerships and networking where we cherish multicultural diversity and cooperation.

Our headquarter is located in the Sosnowiec city center in Poland where you can find our offices, training room, library, lounge /120 m2/.

We have been involved with many projects involving other groups from local and regional government, ministries and national administration, the European Commision and other non-governmental organisations from Europe and the rest of the world.

Our goals

  • youth and adult non-formal education for vulnerable groups, such as women, youth, seniors.
  • increase in civic participation in public, social, professional and cultural life
  • promotion of health, especially reproductive health and healthy lifestyle
  • prevention of social problems based on stereotypes and prejudice, with particular emphasis on the rights of women, children and disadvantaged groups due to their social status, national origin, religion, lifestyle and sexual orientation
  • protection of human rights, equal opportunities and rights for women and men in all areas of life
  • prevention of violence against women, girls, children and other vulnerable groups
  • implementation of programs that contribute to a reduction in unemployment through social mobilization, including the promotion of volunteering, vocational integration with the labour market
  • running educational programs and campaigns that contribute to the growth of interest in civic activities
  • support and development of democracy and civil society by promoting the participation of citizens in the local community and stimulating pro-social attitudes, with particular emphasis on measures to combat exclusion and social pathologies
  • promotion and development of culture, arts, protection of culture and tradition, raising the level of cultural awareness, strengthening of cultural competences
  • intercultural education, activities to promote dialogue between cultures and citizens of the global village
  • promotion of methods for personal and spiritual development
  • promotion of alternative forms of leisure and travel, mindful tourism, the idea of “sport for all” and sport for social inclusion
  • support in the form of training and information for NGOs, capacity building actions
  • networking and coalitions among European and international organizations

Activists of Active Women Association

  • We are sociologists and economists, scientists, lawyers, movie producers, psychologists, teachers, trainers.
  • We fulfill ourselves in the field of education, science, culture, economy and politics.
  • We hold various positions in the local government.
  • We learn how to be financially independent and how to be good mums.
  • We also develop leadership skills and creativity.
  • We organise lectures, workshops and trainings, because we are social skills trainers, educators mentors, and coaches.
  • We study, we work and we receive retirement pensions.
  • We are constantly improving our language skills and competences all around the world.
  • We are based in Sosnowiec /Poland/, but our activity covers global communities worldwide. We cooperate with women from all the continents in the virtual and in the real world.  This is also the source of our strength.
  • We are passionate about wellness, nature and animals, world cuisine.

Join us!

Organization Team